The Mentality of Mediocrity

The Mentality of Mediocrity

A good friend of mine (who it happens is a reserve buddy) has struggled through some difficult times recently. He is an exceptional person that many today will never get a chance at knowing. There is a bias we hold onto concerning our veterans. I have been in service long enough and I have seen it all. The times during the previous administrations where we were acknowledge but for the most part ignored; to the post 911 period where we were sought after and revered; to the more recent times were we are being diminished and excluded in many arenas. My friend has struggled following his service with a broken home, poor job opportunities, and the mental stress that goes with being marginalized.
We have engaged in many conversations and while I have desired to help him the truth is he is always a help to me. His young life has seen many disappointments but he has not stopped trying hoping and working hard. I am glad to know him honored to call him friend and brother and sad that many will miss out on him because of how many presently view our veterans; many ceasing to see the person for the struggles. Since I am here for my brothers in arms he and I have talked many times and communicated back and forth during many of his frustrations and struggles over the past year. He is doing much better his life is stabilizing he is growing and adapting to the situation he is in and was recently accepted into a hard to get admitted to professional program.
To thank me he collected a grouping of communications I had sent to him over the last year and he sent them to me. My gift, and I cannot emphasize how great a gift, was my own words the ones that helped to motivate him, helped to heal and build him up. The following are my words to him arranged by him in a way that impacted him so positively and I hope you can gain from.

The mentality of mediocrity and settling for circumstances instead of stepping up and stepping out is detrimental to the development of life.
Striving to preserver and push through is the first step to success. A positive attitude to negative circumstances and driving forward unceasingly is the second step. Hard work and dedication are also required elements and are the third step.
Remember always forward, never relenting this should be the attitude of everyone who desires success. Being grateful while also being driven to improve. Staying motivated and never accepting a starting circumstance that resulted from birth, sacrifice, genetics, upbringing as a life sentence. These are states of being and can be changed by our deliberate thinking and motivation. Create a goal, get help when needed, follow through, take each task to its completion, never accept the first no, and push to the finish (Success Through Logical Thinking). Once you arrive at success don’t rest it is like being rescued from a disaster once safe regroup and find ways to help others out.

After these words he wrote, “Thank you MAJ Layman you are a very wise man and counselor.”

While I did not understand my impact at the time all I wanted to do was motivate a friend. The truth as you can see, is by reaching out to help, as is often the case, the true blessing was bestowed back on me. How touching and powerful, I would encourage you – don’t wait reach out with the intent to be an inspiration the result may surprise you and enhance your life more than you can realize.

Dr Frank Layman

The Rational Development to a Successful Well Adjusted Life

The Six Adult Life Tasks
Identity by Erikson

Erik Erikson Identity: a sense of one’s own self are one’s own and not one’s parents or peers. Prior to entering the adult world adolescent achieve a sense of identity. Once achieved they can progress to young adults and move on to the next stage of life, Intimacy, and forge close reciprocal emotional bonds.

Expanding one’s sense of self to include another person.

Career Consolidation
Expanding one’s personal identity to assume a social identity within the world of work.

Mastery of the task involves the demonstration of a clear capacity to unselfishly guide the next generation.

Keeper of the Meaning
Mastery of this fifth task is development of intellect and experience by the role of the sage

Erikson described Integrity as “an experience which conveys some world order and spiritual sense. No matter how dearly paid for, it is the acceptance of one’s one and only life cycle as something that had to be and that, by necessity, permitted of no substitutions.”

Simply and rationally stated:
Know yourself=>Give yourself to another=>Define yourself by striving toward expertise in your chosen occupation =>Take on the leadership role of mentor=>Continue developing yourself and sharing your wisdom.

Each phase requires time and care be used to logically evaluate the authenticity of a decision for emotions, which can distort truth and lead us astray from success? Fore, the small decisions and choices made add up to be the product of our lives.
Our lives are a progressive advancement from what we learn and experience in each phase of life. To avoid stalling in a phase we must strive for continued growth. Success in life follows a self direct path, if you don’t want to stand still or fall back you have to deliberately and unceasingly move forward. This is true in our life long maturing in happiness, love, career…
It is not by happenstance that we develop into well adjusted adults and follow a happy successful path, rather it is achieved by deliberate intention.
Dr. Frank Layman