Emotional Thinking Traps

Emotional Thinking Traps (ETT) are patterns of thinking that are counter productive to objective analysis. Objectivity is the clear lens from which much can be gained. Emotional thinking is a fog that imposes reactions that are not conducive to success in any area of our lives. We are all intimately familiar with the devastating wake emotional thinking traps can leave. It is always a surprise to me how we keep falling into these traps. ETT can be a persistent barriers to our self-improvement. Development of our Mind is the key to diminishing the influence of ETT. The Mind influences the enterprise of the brain which influences every thought and feeling we have. When the Mind is untrained it falls to immature patterns, primal, base in nature. Next time you are faced with a decision step outside yourself to truly analyze what is driving and determining your decision. Do you have the tendency to react first then think about your response later, if so you are not alone. The patterns of the brain are ingrained early in our lives the connectivity of our brain then dictates the behavioral response to stimuli. We arrive at this hardwiring early in our lives and it is influenced strongly by our social, educational, and parental exposure. We don’t all start at the same place, we can’t chose our parents and they chose where we live, go to school, and that determines our peers. These all influence our EQ emotional IQ, which is a predictor of success. Daniel Goleman an expert in the arena of EQ has found The best leaders have a High EQ. While our EQ is resilient it can be influenced but that process is not easy it requires discipline dedication and persistence. How do you overcome and move from Emotional Thinking Traps to a more mature and successful approach? There are many approaches, my recommendation is to develop your intellect. Rational thought is the antidote that combats ETT. This is a big step on the path to a more successful future you and in that, instead of a wake of destruction, you will create a vacuum of opportunity that will take with it your progeny.
Dr. Frank Layman

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