Great Coaches on Advancing and Achieving

Great coaches are great leaders and exert a sphere of influence over their culture. Everyone in a healthy organization has the ability to make an imprint upon it and or influence it. Anyone and everyone in an organization should strive to be a change agent, True Leaders, are Development Coaches for themselves and those around them.
Development Coaching is a calling that is sustained by a dedicated selfless mission and genuine concern for others. DFL
I have spent my careers devoted to the development of others. The environments are diverse but the fundamentals are similar. Coaches also share this mentality and desire, so there is so much each can contribute to the learning of the other. True Leaders no matter where they are have in common a desire to develop those in their charge to their greatest potential.
A great coach of merit should strive to be a True Leader. Typically we define a good Coach as one whose legacy reflects a winning record. I would argue that a winning record is not the reason to admire a coach or justification for valuing a coach. Just looking at a coach’s record is like looking at some athletes and only admiring them for winning. Unfortunate for all the value in sports there is also a great deal of unethical behavior – cheating. The overvaluation of coaches, businessmen or athletes who cheat is short sighted because records can be enhanced by unsportsmanlike actions and behaviors. I am not interested in gamesmanship but sportsmanship, victories gained by cheating are burdened and aren’t true victories. You don’t win in anything unless it is unencumbered from guilt. In the business world unethical practices can enhance short-term success, but ultimately will impact the long-term health and culture of an organization. That is also true in sports, too bad we can’t force those who get ahead to carry and asterisk. These successes (if we can even call them that) are one-dimensional and come with the burden of guilt and regret. Personally, I set out to select attributes and collect philosophies/paradigms from those whose pursuits and intentions are/were sincereAnd honest and that the primary intent is development.
I see many parallels in the preparation of athletic competition and the preparation for business, career and life.
For this writing I wanted to look at some notable coaches, ones whose obvious motivation was not just winning on the field but winning for those in their charge, as is always the case of True Leaders.
I want to share my own insights in a hope that you are inspired to start working today toward self-development and for tomorrow to help others with this noble endeavor, whether on the field or in the boardroom.

Do not let what you cannot do; interfere with what you can do.
John Wooden
We need to strive in our daily dedication to self development to grow in all areas especially our deficiencies, that said we can not let our fear of what we don’t know or can’t do trump what we do know and can do. We must face the fact that growth is a process of evolution that has no end and while it is ongoing we can’t just wait but we must act. We also can encourage others to think and act for positive results.

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.Joe Paterno
Self-efficacy is essential to a professional and/or businessperson as it is to an athlete. Remember – Hope is not a stand-alone strategy. DFL
It is important to winning to have hope, for without it we have no wind in our sails. Desire drives action and the action to practice and work hard do not exist outside of hope, but to excel we must also believe in hard work – hard work and belief in ourselves. Belief in ourselves is a walk on a fence line we can’t be overconfident for we will fall; but we can’t be insecure for we shall also fall. We must have balance because we can’t succeed without it. That balance comes from preparation, hard work dedication and a thoughtful plan and approach to advance.

I’ve got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. Larry Bird
I have met a lot of people in many organizational positions and no matter their rank; human nature as it is, has many holding back.
No one truly wins at anything by holding back. DFL
We have to have the character that implores us to give our all and truly wherever we employ that mindset we will advance.

You can’t control people. You must understand them. You have to know where they’re coming from, their beliefs and values, what turns them off, what they’re against. Hayden Fry
Leaders understand and regard this not as a tool, not one to manipulate for selfish gain (yes it can be used that way), but as a means to bring the best out of those we have responsibility over.
Empathy, a new business buzzword, is required no matter the leadership position including coaching. There are new strategies for those who think in these terms but many just don’t yet get it. Why do it, why care enough to invest in this way? It is done for virtue – Virtue for virtue shake –Voltaire. There is also sustainability in an organization that employees empathy not sympathy and treats people well.
We start and end from the high ground. The mission to lead is selfless and sincere. When We search for the essence of someone, not to exploit them, but to use the understanding from we gain to develop him or her, to extract the very best from them, it is then we are doing what leaders are truly called to do.

I have a rule on my team: When we talk to one another, we look each other right in the eye, because I think it’s tough to lie to somebody. You give respect to somebody. 
 Mike Krzyzewski
Transparency is sought in others, so we must find it in ourselves. Start with sincere relationships to gain strategic partnerships.DFL It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and no time to destroy it and nothing is greater or more destructive than insincerity. Come to the field, boardroom or meeting with a desire to help others as well as yourself and a sense of self that demands and demonstrates transparency.
Some cultures in businesses and sports are toxic and will either be purified by our character or allowed to infect us. DFL

Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Never quit. 
Bear Bryant
Set organizational goals, as well as, personal goals write them down and review them so you don’t lose focus.
Let yourself seek short midterm and long-term goals let some of them be beyond your reach. Within our goals lies our personal growth both in the journey and the actions and decisions we make to overcome our fears to try and for the triumph of trying. DFL

Plan your work and work your plan. Mark Levy
A goal is a target, a destination while a plan is an itinerary, and it is a route to reach the target.
Planning, blueprinting, and outlining are essential initial steps to any undertaking. They set the course of action that is required to achieve the desired outcome.
See my Blog on goal setting for more effective strategies
We set goals, we make plans, we engage mindfully so we can win on the field, advance in our career, build our business and grow our organization. We need to be able to call audibles when it is appropriate but generally we need a well-developed plan that we can trust and work.

The will to win is meaningless without the will to prepare!
Joe Gibbs
We must have the will and resolve to win but without preparation we are sitting on a one legged stool and it won’t stand up.
Preparation in the form of studying, engaging others more experienced, referencing, learning, and growing and then forming an idea, defining it, making it tangible by making goals creating a plan and accomplishing it. This doesn’t guarantee the outcome but it does improve the probability of achievement.

Let me tell you that winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else. Vince Lombardi
Work ethic is critical in everything we do. We must be dedicated to the work at hand and that includes work we don’t enjoy. There are no substitutes, no magic bullets that replace work and resolve. The harder I work the great my capability to push further and work harder; the greater my resolve to see that I accomplish what I set out to achieve. DFL

I have a tremendous amount of confidence in myself. … People come to me to get better, and I have a proven track record of helping them do that. Butch Harmon
True Leaders are confident that what they do matter. Having a mission gives you that. Leaders of organizations and remember we are all Leaders need to take the same position. Many organizations put off developing new team members to lower ranks. The work is imperative and growing the next tier of leaders should be a priority as part of a bigger strategy to develop and grow a business or organization.

The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer. John Madden
I will not beat this dead horse much longer but cheating, and unethical behavior are short-term gains long-term losses. Apathy destroys long-term growth. We need to stay hungry and patient not compromising who we are for what we want.
Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good. Joe Paterno

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Pat Riley
Here is a great take home message and worthy of adopting. We need to develop ourselves and any culture we are associated with. It is a challenge but it is worth the fight if we love what we do and want to be able to do it at a higher level for a long term.
Excellence is unattainable but should always be the mark we set for ourselves. Perfection for some is madenly unattainable but should be sought to our best capabilities. There are some who suffer observe compulsive disorder and obsessive personality disorder who are striving for this with the wrong intentions and destructive end. I have known too many and I am pleased that I am in a position to no longer have to tolerate theses sorts of individuals.

Over coaching is the worst thing you can do to a player. Dean Smith
Don’t micro manage your people and don’t let those who don’t contribute drag everyone down. The worst leaders are ones who only trust themselves, those who micromanage in a compulsive way. I have experienced this personality type in sports, business and the military I have had to endure it early in my career and luckily now I just have to observe it. I honestly don’t know what is worse. If you don’t have people on your team who are capable of being developed and you are proving a comprehensive approach they don’t belong on the team instead many micromanage or belittle. Over managing kills performance because it kills confidence. A good coach or leader knows to instill confidence by adding responsibility aligned with growth.

You can do anything but you can’t do everything. Ron Rivera
For teams to maximize effectiveness. The potency of effectiveness is diluted by volume. DFL
We need to spread the work load and everyone needs to contribute and be allowed to contribute in a meaningful way for a team to be effective and successful

If we don’t win this fight, it is just because we can’t. Freddie Roach
Fight the good fight, some you will win, some you will lose, but there is always positive gain to be had by the preparation and the experience of the event. Preparation and participation makes the athlete better, the businessman better, the entrepreneur better.

The First Battle to winning is the morale battle. Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson knows how to develop talent he is a pioneer in his sport and truly dedicated to those he has helped reach the highest level of competition. In business we have to inspire others, for me I want to be a catalyst of inspiration (stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, to special or unusual activity or creativity) to think ore logically and then provide motivation (desire to do; interest or drive) to sustain the change that ultimately will lead to achievement. The longer the road for those starting out to reach the peak of their career, the more vulnerable they will be to the morale battle.
Morale is the capacity of a group’s members to maintain belief in an institution or goal, particularly in the face of opposition.
Businesses, carriers, individuals will face opposition to their goals there are always barriers. We we have to have is the resolve to weather the storm. We can’t let the turbulence change us for the worst, we must take and extract the positive. An Athlete’s character should grow in the face of worthy opponents knowing they have given and taken a part of themselves to that opposition and have grown and developed in someway from it.

I will leave you with a few final thoughts:

Each Warrior wants to leave the of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing! Pat Riley

Fate whispered to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm.” And the Warrior whispered back, “I am the storm.”unknown

Expect more and fear less. Fear is a part of human nature you diminish its impact by preparedness. DFL

No matter your station you can change your world, and your culture for the better. DFL

I used to tell the players that professional football is a part-time profession. I used to tell them it gets you ready for your life’s work. Chuck Noll

Inactivity is the jailer of wellness and the nemesis of self development DFL

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