Preparing to See Your Resolution Become Reality: Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development.

Preparing to See Your Resolution Become Reality: Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development.

The old year is ending a new one begins, what will you do to prepare for the best possible beginning and advancement of self?
To improve your chance of success I want you to commitment to self development, starting now. So many people who come to me for help whether it be in the realm of performance coaching, business consulting, Industrial Health and Wellness or personal improvement start the conversation the same way – I will start when the holidays are all over or when this busy and stressful time has passed. That is a very telling statement, it tells me they aren’t committed to a healthy lifestyle change, but seek a remedy, a magic bullet. I hate to be the person who pulls the façade down, peeks behind the curtain, but that isn’t how sustain growth and development works. Let’s start with an exercise that begins with a question – on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the most committed, rate your readiness to change. If you scored yourself above a 6 we can talk, otherwise I advise further self reflection. I would advise keeping your environment positive by talking with people who are where you want to be. Your task is more conversational and observational. You can also keep a daily journal of things you want to change and these later on can be converted to goals.
Those of you who scored above a 6 on my global readiness to change, let’s focus on preemptive steps, such as, your new year resolutions (the mental state of being resolved or firm in purpose) that will then translate to your goals then your action plans. If you are thinking about applying this to your company, this is essentially strategic planning. Some pointers I would provide, keep it simple and consider aligning them with the pillars I have spoken about in another of my Blogs, The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum – as a review they are Intellect, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Physical Health and Wellness, Mission/Purpose. Remember self-development in these areas will help us cope and help us advance in our lives’ not just our business or carrier.
Now let’s discuss our four points to approach the new you. Our template to define what we are going to commit to to see a better life in the New Year and beyond. The ripple effect is true and impactful – small changes applied to your thinking and reflecting in your being will reach out and impact other areas of your life in a meaningful and successful way.

Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development:
1) Assess your readiness to change and your readiness to commit to what it will take to change.(This is a scale 0-10, 10 is the highest)
2) State your resolutions then convert them to goals and then attach an action plan to them (A goal is an overarching principle that guides decision making. Action plans are specific, measurable steps that can be taken to meet the goal). Remember from my Book Success Through Logical Thinking I discuss component tasks, that is what you have to drill down to to have the comprehensive steps to change in the areas you have resolved to change in.
3) Find someone who sincerely wants you to succeed and confide, not burden, confide in them your resolution goals and action plan. Write them down out them in your wallet and review them daily. When you feel your irrational self is compromising your commitment you need someone to help you with the morale battle.
4) Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by not exposing yourself to people places or situations that will compromise your resolve – Motivation matters and has to be sustained to see your self-development take hold and be sustains.

Start today and employ some of these techniques and so you can alter your mindset to a more positive environment. Toxic environments kill or said another way they don’t contribute to growth and development.

Let your mind go of the things weighing you down and allow it to gather to it, all the things that will elevate you. DFL

Dr. Frank Layman




The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum

The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum

I don’t want to achieve in the realm of the ordinary or solely for myself, I want to achieve in the realm of the extraordinary and in a way that improves the lives of others. I don’t want to achieve at the things unworthy of achieving, but at those things that matter and contribute to the betterment of others and myself. I want to achieve because I have the insight of its impact and understand its scope of influence to and for others. Achievement leads to greater and more achievement, it leads to opportunity to achieving more. Achievement momentum can and does occur, it is the result of a compounding effect that grows, builds, and expands in proportion to our deliberate thought and effort. While I know and seek achievement, I also want balance and I don’t want to become a slave to the thrill of achieving. When balance is reached and a healthy mindset is accomplished there is not much that can stop you. A mind at peace centering its force on goodness, kindness, and love has no match.

When our mindset is positive, the resistance needed to overcome and to achieve is not draining but energizing. Overcoming resistance and gaining in opportunity, resources, or influence can extend our sphere of positive influence and actions and it all starts with a commitment to positive self-development. It isn’t enough to just want or desire to be more; we must take positive actions to see it fulfilled. There is no arguing about the importance of self-development, but few understand it’s true impact unless they have experienced it and most don’t appreciate how it can foster happiness. I have been on an epic pilgrimage to find and sustain greater happiness and meaning in my life. I can say confidently from all I have learned happiness is not just in wealth, position, or influence and yet that is where we generally seek it first. Happiness has moments in any of those things, but that is not where it is found and sustained. It was when I experienced some life alerting hardships, those that shake you to your core, that I started to look within and self-examine its existence and found where it truly resides. Hardship hardens some, for me and those I coach; hardship should harden your resolve – never your heart. When you are hit hard enough and survive it is a humbling experience, but it is also a defining moment of overcoming. Surviving allows a realization you will come to of self confidence in your resilience, on the other side of the storm growth it is out of those experience we can become wiser and stronger. Understanding the dynamics and fluctuations of life, we can both prepare to be more happy as we prepare to overcome hardship or change. We need to learn to stand sturdy against the storms and we do that when we fortify the pillars that are our foundational structure. These foundational pillars, I discovered were the same as our coping mechanisms and the same as those attributes that improve our ability to achieve and be happy. I realized that building the fortress of our minds ensures the pillars are strong enough to weather any adversity and to see us through the difficulties that lead us to consistency in performance and thus achievement. Many who confront hardship retreat to the comfort of their own company, they become too introspective.
We don’t want to retreat and build walls during hard times or frustrating conditions, walls confine us. Yes, the defensive protection of a wall allows the greatest protection of threat of harm, but they deprive us the greatest joy of connecting – think more in terms of the foundational elements of your health and wellbeing and how by being the consummate gardener of your mind your will tend to improve the stability and quality of your thoughts and actions. It takes commitment every day to develop and grow in strengthening these areas; it takes distraction and neglect to diminish from them. Look to constantly advance your position in these key foundational pillars, as the best way to improve in your self-development. Let’s consider my perspective is valid and coping mechanisms are self-development facets and are the building pillars of a well adjust successful and happy person, then we need to commitment to development in these following areas: Intellect, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Leadership, Entrepreneurship,
Expertise, Physical Health and Wellness, Mission/Purpose.
Self-development in these areas will help us cope and help us advance:
Let’s look at each closer and see how we can improve them in ourselves:

Intellect- pursuing things of more complex forms and fields of knowledge. Engage your mind, not being passive and accepting of the information streaming at you. You need to plan and pursue those things that are meaningful and will get you where you want to be in your life and that takes seeking, studying and referencing for understanding and assimilation.

Emotional – a state of consciousness based on feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like that circumvents rational thinking. Think of those difficult people you have encountered, the ones who have difficulty adjusting, who act out and how it influences their relationships. There are ways to improve your emotional intelligence and I urge you to seek them out. It is a topic I have written about and been invited to speak about to some significant companies. Its impact is well documented and it is relevant to individuals, teams and companies.

Spiritual – of or relating to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature. I am a Christian but I am not just speaking to Christian spirituality here. It is the peace found in faith and belief of that which is ethereal. Think about the person who overcomes hardship and with grace and confidence meets adversity knowing they will overcome and therefore they have peace during all of life’s upheavals.

Social – seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious and one who is sought by others for those characteristics. Watch and observe actively seek ways to improve your ability to engage people in a meaningful way and sustain their relationships.

Leadership – the ability to guiding directing developing and influencing others. If everything is sales everything else is leadership when considering the vestige of success.

Entrepreneurship – being industrious enough to organize and manage any enterprise with skill usually with considerable initiative and risk. If you build a life take the initiative to build your own not someone else’s.

Expertise – the matter that is subject to some action and is performed with above average skill. Whatever your vocation or that which you want to be your vocation must be overcome by judicious study and deliberate exposure to gain insight and experience. Work to be the best at your craft by mindful study and acquisition of experience.

Health and Wellness – the progressive and unceasing pursuit of an improved state of internal being. This is comprehensive to physical and mental health. Fitness due to is powerful influence over health and wellness is a strong subset of this category. Nutrition and proper supplementation cannot be separated due to the strong physiological influences it has. It is not only about what we do to improve in this area but what we constrain ourselves from doing.

Mission/Purpose – an important task duty goal or calling that is interlaced with a strong conviction. Purpose the reason for which we exist. Given a reason I can sustain the journey no matter its length or difficulty to ensure I arrive at my desired destination.

Financial is not listed, however, improving yourself in the above areas, should translate to a healthier and more prudent relationship with money. We will leave this topic for another discussion as it is complex and requires more time to explore.

Remember the refuge of a sound mind can protect us from any foe, wrong, insult, or trauma. Given the recognition of these areas of development we now need to have an action plan to grow and develop in them. Growth and development should yield improvement that gains us more of what we seek in life.

This appears daunting; it is too much to do every day some will think. I know it isn’t, once you commit and plan your day around it you can and will make significant gains that can change the trajectory of your life. We are all busy, but we all have the same time in a day – I do it and if I can and those I coach can, so can you. You will do what you want to do and the more you do and the higher you climb the more resistance you will face, so your will to persevere and overcome will determine your ultimate triumphs and destination.

Consider reading my book Success Through Logical Thinking for more insight and practical approaches for your self-development.

I hope you find all that you seek. Thank you

Dr.FrankLayman – DFL – #STLT – # STLTmindset

The state of your thinking is reflected in your being. DFL