Influential Motivational Writers: Motivation Matters


Influential Motivational Writers: Motivation Matters
I was consulting for a company and afterward some of the people in attendance came up to talk with me. One ambitious entrepreneur engaged me about my book and speaking and wanted to know who influenced me.
I thought it was such a good question, but one I wasn’t prepared to answer at the time.
I asked him to check into my web site for an upcoming Blog about his thoughtful and relevant question.
From that conversation I was motivated to seek out some of the most influential writers of motivation and self-development that influenced me and I would like to share them.
I know these sorts of questions, source and evolution questions I have coined them, lead to assimilation and greater understanding for the seeker. Asking questions is a great growth tool as the one asking and the one answering both gain from the effort.
I was glad to work on this thoughtful question, it challenged me and it advances my mission my mission is to grow and develop those willing to make a positive change but also in it is a way I can reflect, self examine, and explore my own origins.
That is so often how selflessness works, we do something to help another and wind up advancing ourselves.
It can be any measure of benefit, but the intent is important as self gain is not the intent so don’t seek it, be authentic and sincere and let your action be executed with selflessness and just be confident it will manifest good for you, as well as, those you are attempting to help.
Who is the most impactful motivational speaker, to me?

Zig Ziglar 

Zig Ziglar was born in Alabama. He was the tenth of twelve children, when he was five years old, his father took a new position in Mississippi, and his family moved to Yazoo City. The next year, his father died, and his younger sister died two days later. He served in the US NAVY. He was definitely organically grown to his success, which attracted me to what he was saying. I had the opportunity to see Zig Ziglar speak to talk with him to ask questions and he patiently and selflessly answered them in a kind sincere and helpful way. I would have to debate this and would assess the quote is true of Ziglar himself but hat is who he was selfless and that appeals to me that he was humble and grateful. I also related to him because his success was organic and built on years of hard work disappointments hardship and struggle. He was one of us (the average person) not an elitist or entitled person not someone who is successful and has always been successful and now wants to impart to us poor souls who were born of humble beginnings have no role models or positive influence flounder and work to gain in the areas worthy of gaining. They are opportunists who see us as ripe for the picking. They view those who seek them as just another revenue stream to tap into.

I lived a life of work toil and sacrifice; I didn’t want to be lectured to but advanced. I wanted to know how someone went from 0-60 not 50-60 (reference to automobile performance)
Starting with nothing, like I did, how did someone come from nothing and grow and elevate to a successful level and then be willing to share that with others. I think it is a need because I feel it; it is likened escaping from a burning building then going back in to help others out. Poverty is the worst sentence, imprisonment, and punishment known to man. You’re a participant and a spectator in life watching others as you run a race that some get two or three laps handicaps. I was never discouraged but I knew I wanted more for myself I would think about Amelia Earhart quote: Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.”
Pick up a shovel, but what if like me, you don’t have the plan or approach to use the shovel? That is where seeking out the right mentors can help, seeking out others willing to take a chance on you if that is available but what if, like me, it wasn’t available? That is where I turned to another source, I went to what I knew, and I read about it. I could have in my presence a foremost expert, so for me seeking out motivational and business writers was a great start and something I still do as a part of my strategy. Advancing allows other opportunities to open up, so I confer on a regular basis with CEOs, small business owners, academicians, coaches and other influential people but that isn’t where I could start early in my life when I had little to no resources or networks.
When I was looking at whom I wanted to learn from I chose those who I could relate to who knew my humble beginnings. I wanted someone who had climbed the same ladder started out on the same rung and made it to the top to turn around and reach down to provide me guidance and a hand to see me to my destination. Not someone who has never climbed the ladder but has only known what it is like to be on top.

My inspiration comes from artist, athletes, scholars, entrepreneurs, but I favor/ed those who are truly self developed, those who were born to one world and through hard work perseverance, skill accusation, and performance transported themselves to a new world. They teleport themselves to a new level and then returned to see if they could help others make the journey. There intention, their heart was important for me – that they were doing it to be a help, to be a blessing, that it is was their mission, mattered to me. They did/do it because their heart is full and they have a need to share all they have learned to help others. Their mission had to be sincere, their motives selfless, and then also their results had to be effective. It had to be effective as what good does it do to invest in self-improvement that isn’t successful. It might give a sense of accomplishment that brings joy but when it is said and done if there isn’t a tangible result that is gained the effectiveness is limited. We have to look at our time as a resource, the most valuable resource. There are times I revel and do things, read thing, write for sheer joy and that is okay if that is our understanding from the outset, but if we are in need we don’t have the luxury to dabble we need help and we need results.
But in the way of self growth and development there needs to be more than a warm and fuzzy feeling, there needs to be a plan that emerges a sequence of actions that will transport us to our future best outcomes.
In my book Success Through Logical Thinking I was motivated at attempting to give not only motivation and encouragement but to share tangible effective and strategic tools. I wanted and needed that when I was seeking it in others and strive to provide it in those who have sought me out.
I searched for it in Peale, Wooden (Navy) and Nightingale (Marine) and they spoke to me when no one else would through their words, plans, books, example and actions and it propelled me and has motivated me.

Norman Vicente Peale

Peale was a minister and believed in t and wrote about The Power of Positive Thinking. His former partner Smiley Blanton, a psychoanalyst, betrayed him early in his career. They established a religio-psychiatric outpatient clinic next door to the church. They wrote a book together which received a great deal of criticism and Smiley backed away from the work and his friend. Today we all know Norman Vincent Peale and no one knows Smiley, I attribute it to the cost of his disloyalty. Peale was very critical of some of the Presidential candidates of his time and probably would be viewed as a proud today, but his work speaks to me. He has a lot of critics but a great deal of mass appeal because he wasn’t entitled he was hard working and lived a modest life someone who could relate to everyone. He knew first hands the struggles of others and wrote about them and ways to overcome them. His work also has practical application and most would argue is effective.

We tend to get what we expect. Norman Vincent Peale

John Wooden

Wooden grew up in a deprived area excelled in basketball himself through high school and college then went into the Navy. Then he found his calling in coaching and demonstrated that morale and motivation matter they don’t replace hard work and planning but they are integral components to succeed. On July 23, 2003, John Wooden received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. From his humble beginnings to his methodical unlocking of potential in those in his charge he won’t strike you as a typical leader but his words are so powerful and inspiring as well as was his presence that for me those are quintessential leadership qualities and worthy of recognizing and emulating.

Never mistake activity for achievement. John Wooden

Earl Nightingale

Nightingale was a radio personality, writer, respected speaker and author, dealing mostly on the subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence and meaningful existence; so named as the “Dean of Personal Development. He came from humble beginnings; Nightingale was born in LA 1921. His father abandoned his mother in 1933. After his father left, his mother moved the family to a tent in Tent City. After the war, Nightingale began work in the radio industry, which eventually led to work as a motivational speaker. In the fall of 1949, He was inspired while reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. From the book he came to realize that we become what we think. He faced his struggles, grew his achievements, and devoted himself to others.

We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. Earl Nightingale

There are so many others whose work has helped so many in this area. When you are looking for someone to read, ensure they aren’t just advancing their own interests and that they relate to you in a meaningful way. The commonality of those I gravitated toward were men of Christian Faith, self-made, coming from below humble means and were servicemen. Wooden served in the Navy, Nightingale the Marines and I serve in the Army. I sought and seek those who started with nothing but struggles and know the sacrifice of serving their country, but it is not exclusionary. In my own journey I have broadened my interests into mindfulness, exposing me to a great diversity in thinking. I will not isolate myself by faith, gender, religion, or SES, as I know I can learn and teach all.

In the beginning I wanted to and found those I related to and respected and they started the expanse of my gravitation to serve others by devoting myself to helping others achieve their goals. Which has grown and lead me to great thinkers from all backgrounds. There is something in the training, sacrifice, dedication, and development of others that comes from military training. It is likened to organic verse inherited wealth power and success. These are those that are the everyday man, the man who pulled himself up and made a success of himself, then reached back down to help others out. In essence that is how my own biography reads and that is my sincere heart and mission.

These men not only developed themselves but also devoted their life to the growth and development of others. I like the way Ziglar said it of Nightingale – Earl Nightingale has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet. Zig Ziglar I would say it is true of many others who have advanced and bettered others with theirs words, books, examples, and approaches. For proof lets look what Napoleon Hill did for Earl Nightingale.
Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Napoleon Hill

They’re work is timeless and has meaning to what you and I are going through our own lives today. We can use those insights and motivation to grow and propel ourselves. I would encourage you to explore and find your own motivators.
Motivation matters to launch you to achievement and fortune it also helps you in sustainability. After reaching the best future you can, you still have to press on, because there is no finish line in life. The work is never completed, because you should always be thinking, working, and striving to evolve.

Please see my work Success Through Logical Thinking and my web site for my blog which shares my work and attempts to reach out to others who want to transport themselves.

if you want to grow as a person, you have to travel                                                       outside your comfort zone. Dr. Frank Layman

You can also look for more offerings in my upcoming books.

Dr. Frank Layman


Establishing Rapport: Build Strategic Partners by First Building Sincere Relationships. DFL

Establishing Rapport
Build strategic partners by first building sincere relationships. DFL

Relationship and positive social connectedness matter to your growth the growth of others and your book of business. Your rapport with others is important to you as a person and will help you grow your achievements and successes. Relationships tend to develop over long periods of time but rapport can be established immediately. Have you ever felt compelled to talk with a stranger, just meet someone and connect? Of course. If you have been compelled to it others have felt the same.what we need to tap into is how can we develop rapport in a short amount of time?

I will attempt to answer that question and in doing so I hope to provide invaluable wisdom for you to apply.
1. Be sincere. Be sincere in your motives and intention. The goal should always a win win.
Strategic partnerships are best started with sincere relationships
You have to search your own motives. What are your intentions? They matter because there are subtle cues people pick up on that can inhibit rapport from developing. When you have the peace of knowing transparency, you will understand its benefits to enhance your ability to connect with others.

2. Be welcoming. Reach out to others in your posture, vocal tones, word selections, and yes – your thoughts. Body language is read, facial expressions are judged and interpreted, so if you have a RBF practice in a mirror softening it.
Think of something that makes you happy and bookmark it in your mind and draw on it. This is not a game of deception, rule number one – honesty transparency and sincerity are always at play. Thinking positive helps our disposition to be positive and this is utilized to give you the opportunity to develop rapport.

3. Be prepared. Be prepared because people gravitate to those who know how. You become the resource that people seek when you are a subject matter expert. The only way to display your knowledge is in the conversations you have. Don’t underestimate the power of communication so be prepared to speak clearly, pause and banter, engage and be an active listener. A good conversation is like a great volley in tennis. Adjust your technique for those who are introverted with less talk more gaps and don’t think of the awkwardness but rather embrace the difference and be prepared for it.
We don’t seek exclusion we desire inclusion and that emanates from our facial expression, posture words and respect we show.

4. Breach the line of defense. We are taught from a young age to fear strangers and rightfully so. At times that barrier, that wall of security has to be scaled with an opening statement, joke (careful with jokes I have seen too many blow up) praise, or question etc…

5. Don’t be superficial. Remember names, interests, and family for when you follow up again and because you are genuinely interested in them. Remember this isn’t a game to fake it, as so many do, this is to truly connect. If you are superficial all you will have is superficial relationships, you will never know the true satisfaction of a true relationship.

6. Suspend judgement. We like for the positive we love despite the negative.If the negatives don’t tip the scale have grace enjoy them and love anyway. Don’t judge yourself above or below anyone or the act of thinking it will manifest to the behavior of being it.

7. Follow Up. Your Initial meeting by writing a note or sending an email, call, or text and be patient, people may not always reply so be prepared to accept that maturely and don’t let it dissuade you or create resentment inside you toward them.

8. Invite them out. Extend an Invitation, Invite your new friend out for coffee dinner or lunch. At that point you are beyond rapport and you have yourself a new friend.

Expand your social universe for the sake of others and yourself. To do that it truly helps to be generous with your time and gifts. Meet people where they are and appreciate them for who they are be thoughtful, sincere, and kind. If the relationship grows your business that is a bonus but not the only motive.

Rapport is cultivated by sincere, meaningful, affirming contacts and is nurtured by mutual trust and transparency. Once rapport is developed it can evolve to friendship and possibly to networking and other opportunities. You will want to help others because you have a bond and they will want to help you. The point is if that can’t help or don’t or chose not to or don’t have resource to help you still have a positive relationship with them. This process takes time and patience.

These easy principles you will find will get you on the fast track. At some point many of the strategic relationships you develop will lead to strategic opportunities.

I hope you will find the courage to reach out to others, it takes courage and confidence to put yourself out there, but it is worth it. I would challenge you to keep track of your contacts and build your network by starting today developing rapport.

Dr. Frank Layman