Establishing Rapport: Build Strategic Partners by First Building Sincere Relationships. DFL

Establishing Rapport
Build strategic partners by first building sincere relationships. DFL

Relationship and positive social connectedness matter to your growth the growth of others and your book of business. Your rapport with others is important to you as a person and will help you grow your achievements and successes. Relationships tend to develop over long periods of time but rapport can be established immediately. Have you ever felt compelled to talk with a stranger, just meet someone and connect? Of course. If you have been compelled to it others have felt the same.what we need to tap into is how can we develop rapport in a short amount of time?

I will attempt to answer that question and in doing so I hope to provide invaluable wisdom for you to apply.
1. Be sincere. Be sincere in your motives and intention. The goal should always a win win.
Strategic partnerships are best started with sincere relationships
You have to search your own motives. What are your intentions? They matter because there are subtle cues people pick up on that can inhibit rapport from developing. When you have the peace of knowing transparency, you will understand its benefits to enhance your ability to connect with others.

2. Be welcoming. Reach out to others in your posture, vocal tones, word selections, and yes – your thoughts. Body language is read, facial expressions are judged and interpreted, so if you have a RBF practice in a mirror softening it.
Think of something that makes you happy and bookmark it in your mind and draw on it. This is not a game of deception, rule number one – honesty transparency and sincerity are always at play. Thinking positive helps our disposition to be positive and this is utilized to give you the opportunity to develop rapport.

3. Be prepared. Be prepared because people gravitate to those who know how. You become the resource that people seek when you are a subject matter expert. The only way to display your knowledge is in the conversations you have. Don’t underestimate the power of communication so be prepared to speak clearly, pause and banter, engage and be an active listener. A good conversation is like a great volley in tennis. Adjust your technique for those who are introverted with less talk more gaps and don’t think of the awkwardness but rather embrace the difference and be prepared for it.
We don’t seek exclusion we desire inclusion and that emanates from our facial expression, posture words and respect we show.

4. Breach the line of defense. We are taught from a young age to fear strangers and rightfully so. At times that barrier, that wall of security has to be scaled with an opening statement, joke (careful with jokes I have seen too many blow up) praise, or question etc…

5. Don’t be superficial. Remember names, interests, and family for when you follow up again and because you are genuinely interested in them. Remember this isn’t a game to fake it, as so many do, this is to truly connect. If you are superficial all you will have is superficial relationships, you will never know the true satisfaction of a true relationship.

6. Suspend judgement. We like for the positive we love despite the negative.If the negatives don’t tip the scale have grace enjoy them and love anyway. Don’t judge yourself above or below anyone or the act of thinking it will manifest to the behavior of being it.

7. Follow Up. Your Initial meeting by writing a note or sending an email, call, or text and be patient, people may not always reply so be prepared to accept that maturely and don’t let it dissuade you or create resentment inside you toward them.

8. Invite them out. Extend an Invitation, Invite your new friend out for coffee dinner or lunch. At that point you are beyond rapport and you have yourself a new friend.

Expand your social universe for the sake of others and yourself. To do that it truly helps to be generous with your time and gifts. Meet people where they are and appreciate them for who they are be thoughtful, sincere, and kind. If the relationship grows your business that is a bonus but not the only motive.

Rapport is cultivated by sincere, meaningful, affirming contacts and is nurtured by mutual trust and transparency. Once rapport is developed it can evolve to friendship and possibly to networking and other opportunities. You will want to help others because you have a bond and they will want to help you. The point is if that can’t help or don’t or chose not to or don’t have resource to help you still have a positive relationship with them. This process takes time and patience.

These easy principles you will find will get you on the fast track. At some point many of the strategic relationships you develop will lead to strategic opportunities.

I hope you will find the courage to reach out to others, it takes courage and confidence to put yourself out there, but it is worth it. I would challenge you to keep track of your contacts and build your network by starting today developing rapport.

Dr. Frank Layman