Maximizing Your Effectiveness: A Look at the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle on Success

Maximizing Your Effectiveness:
A Look at the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle on Success

Health and Wellness begins when positive mental movements translate to positive physical movements. DFL

Everyone wants to buy an advantage but some advantages can’t be bought they are only gained through planning, sacrifice and hard work. Health and wellness is one of those types of advantages. It is worked for to be gained not purchased.
There isn’t a complex unreachable formula to achieve it.
There is sacrifice and small regular daily thoughts and actions that are needed to see it through.
I see it as I see so many other relevant changes, it requires the correct mindset, approach and motivation – essentially for many it is a paradigm shift, for others it is a refinement in a direction they have already acknowledge they need to be traveling down.
There are those who make dramatic shifts only to regress.
The motivation driving us and our willingness to truly change, those are the determining factors to long-term success.
A healthy lifestyle first needs to be acknowledged as the ideal state.
The goal, and no getting ready for summer is not enough, needs to have the trajectory of longevity. The approach has to be based on a logical approach, stay away from emotional unsupported approaches like starvation diets, which cause a yoyo effect and are not sustainable.
Fad diets also fall in this category and demand you do better now that you know better.
Accelerated unplanned and poorly executed exercise regimens leads us away from being better and healthier. Poor sleeping habits ultimately lead to health compromises. Not coping with stress can accelerate infirmity.
In all of us there exists strong instinct for self-realization.
Advancing ourselves to a greater and greater height is a built in desire. It gets diluted with disappointment or entitlement but it is always there.
It is present in all of us that will desire to be better to grow and develop.
The best place to start is a healthy lifestyle and this requires balance.
Health and wellness isn’t being an ideal height or weight it is more complicated and demands the respect of its complexity to achieve.
There are foundational pillars that need to be built and maintained they require our daily attention.
Please see my blog – The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum – for more information on foundational pillars

We work toward self-realization to maximize our performance. Performance used here means in any positive area in our life, work, relationships and all other things worth participating in.
The areas worth concentrating on are worth being defined by you, then being sought relentlessly daily and with an effective approach.
Deficiencies are recognized and worked on with the intent to improve them and convert them to strengths.
It isn’t glamorous, but it is effective and not just in the short term.
What is your readiness to change grade it on a scale of 10.
What is your self realization grade it on a scale of 0-10
What are your deficiencies list them out, writ them down put them in a place you can review them daily, and when you have captured one cross it off the list.
Now let’s get to work to make a positive sustained change that will maximize your thinking, being, and acting. We will not rest in our success but use it to create more success in all the areas of our life worthy of expending.
We are highly tuned pieces of equipment and must be maintained, tweaked and updated daily or we are already behind, already outdated.
It doesn’t have to be laborious, it can be fun; it doesn’t have to be rigid, it can be creative
It doesn’t have to be boring, it can be exciting and that is dependent on your mindset.
It’s time, commit yourself and hold yourself accountable to make better choices, swap out bad choices for good ones, and constrain yourself from self destructive thinking and behaving.

Be aggressive about seeking positive change by submerging yourself in it and from it you will find more than conventional success. Consider going to my website to read my blogs and order my book – Success Through Logical Thinking. The blogs and book have practical application to help those willing to make a positive change.

Dr. Frank Layman

To keep the body and mind in good health is our responsibility to ourselves and our legacy to others. Dr.FrankLayman


Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources

Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources
Our government can learn a lot from the disciplined studies of leadership and finance. A small business has to be creative in its use of resources not discarding valuable ones but find a new use for them in a market shift. They have to have a protective posture to improve the relationship they have with those they serve.
Over the past few years our governments blind spot in these two areas has it eliminating valuable well trained personal and allowing an imposing responsibility on those they serve. The burden of a responsibility they should be addressing not ignoring or diverting.
Instead of paring down our military we should utilize those trained personnel, not discard them. They could be used to help the war on identity theft. Our citizens should not have to fight this form of terrorism on their own and our businesses should not be negatively impacted by this kind of theft. It has a negative impact on our countries financial infrastructure, which trickles down to all of us.
I have seen many good men and women who have sacrificed and committed themselves to the service of our great Nation be rewarded not by support and validation but only by being given a pink slip. When those in power are being short sighted in what to do with highly trained, interested, vested, loyal and devoted people people interested in old fashion but enduring values of God, Country, and Selflessness we have a critical lack of intellectual capital making these decisions. We don’t need to push our soldiers out or find busy work for them, we have serious work we can divert them toward.
Instead of forcing a heroic group out in an unheroic exit (present drawing downs are more like cold calculated unethical corporate downsizing) we ought rather be providing them the admiration and respect they deserve. In place of “eliminating these resources” let’s look at alternative utilizations that could help strengthen our communities, countries, and citizens.

“Identity theft is a serious crime where your personal information has been hijacked by an imposter who intends to commit fraud in your name. They obtain false lines of credit and rack up significant debt in your name. With a stolen identity, someone might hide behind your name in a legal matter, leaving you with a false criminal record. Identity fraud is a major problem, and it happens more often than you might think. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 2.7 million people had their identities stolen in 2014.” @TransUnion

The use of the word highjack and my use of the word terrorist are not overstated. This type of terrorism is chipping away at America’s foundational financial infrastructure. Our government’s answer, to put the onus and the responsibility back on its citizens and companies is unacceptable. This is criminal, we have the resources to address this problem and if we do it we will improve our Country’s financial stability as we battle against terrorism. Along with recruiting our military personnel we have to create laws that make this type of activity punishable to the extent it deserves – as acts of terrorism.

The problem is that politicians are only representing their own interest and the power and money is attracting the wrong people. We need those with innovative and critical thinking minds and morale virtue. This is not a difficult solution to come up with – reroute to get essential resources, instead of forcing out one of our most prized and invaluable participants in Liberty – Our American Soldiers. Directing them to a top priority in an area that is impacting millions of its tax paying citizens and businesses should be a top priority.
Please consider copying pasting and sending this to your representatives and those in the media who could support and advance this solution.
To those who are more accustom to my writing as a vehicle for personal improvement there are lessons within this that apply to your personal development and to your business. Don’t ignore Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources will keep any entity viable.

Dr. Frank Layman