The Ds of Success

Would you want your house built without blueprints? Would you want to lead a meeting without an agenda? How about travel to an unknown destination without directions? Here is a glimpse of a recommended outline for success. When I approach my recommendations I do not do it lightly. I want for my readers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. My intentions are sincere and my hope authentic. Start with Ds of Success:


First and foremost we need to decide in what area we want to succeed in. You have to first decide what your success is going to look like. A planned trip is not successful unless you reach your destination. Once you have decided on the areas you want to be successful in the next step is planning. Planning requires research our efforts in this area can always be more focused – which can improve the probability of success.


Define the goals that make up your area of success – sharpen you pencil be precise. Work backwards from the finish line so you can outline all the steps required to go from where you are to where you want to be.


Determine the best approach to reaching your goal. The more direct the better. Time is a limited resource so the quickest route between two points is a straight line. I enjoy flying for its directness. When I engage a goal, I look to the most direct route to achieve it. I do my homework, I check with others who have achieved it and I objectively look for the quickest route.


Once you have determined what success means; defined the goals that truly capture what success is for you – do not waver in your pursuit. Engage, be mindful and build your determination.


Success for some is a sprint. Rational thinkers are not jealous so that is great for some, however, for most success is a marathon. In our pursuit of success we must be durable. We need to know how to be durable, depending on the goal that is going to look different but from experience I will say most share health and wellness.

Due Diligence

Be a life long learner continually striving to improve. Keep drilling down until you have your answers, develop your approach, and reach your destination. Please consider using STLT Success Through Logical Thinking as part of your due diligence.

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Dr. Frank Layman