Thank The Passer: Not Just A Gesture For Basketball But One For Business By DrFrankLayman

Thank The Passer: Not Just A Gesture For Basketball But One For Business

Thank the passer by taking an eighth of a second to point-to-the-passer and acknowledge their selflessness. This quick and simple gesture is an action that promotes team unity.

The Origins of the acknowledgement

In the 60’s and 70’s a conversation between Dean Smith and John Wooden initiated a basketball tradition of generosity and unselfishness. The goal was simple to initiate an overt gesture to build team unity by acknowledgement. Coach Dean Smith asked players on the UNC men’s basketball teams to recognize the unselfish act of a teammate’s pass to them.

It became a team rule. In practices, games, and other Tar Heel basketball activities, the man who scored had to point-to-the-passer.

Dean Smith was a great leader who mentored others to be great leaders and this acknowledgement he built into a habitual exhibit of appreciation demonstrates his brilliance as a mentor, coach, and leader. Not acknowledging others that have helped us and participated in our success is greedy, selfish, entitled, and demonstrates the weakness of self doubt.

True leaders want to recognize everyone who contribute and do it in a fair and consistent way.DFL

This gesture in basketball is linear it acknowledges the last pass that lead to scoring while in business it isn’t as easy and we have to be mindful confident and fair enough to take the time to acknowledge other contributors.

The absence of acknowledgement is neglect and to neglect someone is a slight – it is disrespectful and leads away from a good relationship, not toward it.

I want those in my charge to feel fairly rewarded with acknowledgement and I want each one of them to be aggressively recognizing those who made a considerable contribution above, below, and across their station.

This is all based on honesty, fairness, and mindfulness realizing that acknowledgements, compliments, and recognition are earned they are not just given away. If they aren’t earned or truly challenging enough to warrant they will have no meaning or impact to motivate future great work, thought, or action.

I do believe in praising that which deserves to be praised. Dean Smith

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton

Take your yourself and those in your sphere of influence further by being generous and positive and freely communicating it and showing it. Take the risk and be brave enough to so you care.

I worry that business leaders are more interested in material gain than they are in having the patience to build up a strong organization, and a strong organization starts with caring for their people. John Wooden

Thank you


The Pillars of Daily Self Development By DrFrankLayman

The Pillars of Daily Self Development by DrFrankLayman

My approach to daily self development, isn’t a forced or a habitual routine (monotony diminishes innovation and happiness), it is a paradigm shift. You will want to work on these encourage and motivate yourself everyday and forgive yourself if you can’t get to all of them. You will slowly find more time and become more efficient in your approach. Work on yourself everyday and as you grow and develop your self confidence and self efficacy will benefit as will your durability and effectiveness. Achievement in the small leads to achievement in the grand. Between the intervals of the must do’s of life therein lies the opportunity to achieve and advance.

You can remain idle hoping or you can be active achieving. DFL

There is something about achievement success and action that are intimately tied.

The cornerstones on which we will set our foundation are:

Sincerity, truth and ethics

Love and kindness

Wisdom, understanding and peace

Durability and legacy

From a strong foundation we will build strong pillars that will support a taller structure placing one story atop another we will rise elevating ourselves to new heights.

There is something about achievement success and action that are intimately tied.
Intellect- pursuing things of more complex forms and fields of knowledge. Engage your mind, not being passive and accepting of the information streaming at you. You need to plan and pursue those things that are meaningful and will get you where you want to be in your life and that takes seeking, studying and referencing for understanding and assimilation.

Emotional – a state of consciousness based on feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like that circumvents rational thinking. Think of those difficult people you have encountered, the ones who have difficulty adjusting, who act out and how it influences their relationships. There are ways to improve your emotional intelligence and I urge you to seek them out. It is a topic I have written about and been invited to speak about to some significant companies. Its impact is well documented and it is relevant to individuals, teams and companies.

Spiritual – of or relating to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature. I am a Christian but I am not just speaking to Christian spirituality here. It is the peace found in faith and belief of that which is ethereal. Think about the person who overcomes hardship and with grace and confidence meets adversity knowing they will overcome and therefore they have peace during all of life’s upheavals.

Social – seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious and one who is sought by others for those characteristics. Watch and observe actively seek ways to improve your ability to engage people in a meaningful way and sustain their relationships.

Leadership – the ability to guiding directing developing and influencing others. If everything is sales everything else is leadership when considering the vestige of success.

Entrepreneurship – being industrious enough to organize and manage any enterprise with skill usually with considerable initiative and risk. If you build a life take the initiative to build your own not someone else’s.

Expertise – the matter that is subject to some action and is performed with above average skill. Whatever your vocation or that which you want to be your vocation must be overcome by judicious study and deliberate exposure to gain insight and experience. Work to be the best at your craft by mindful study and acquisition of experience.

Health and Wellness – the progressive and unceasing pursuit of an improved state of internal being. This is comprehensive to physical and mental health. Fitness due to is powerful influence over health and wellness is a strong subset of this category. Nutrition and proper supplementation cannot be separated due to the strong physiological influences it has. It is not only about what we do to improve in this area but what we constrain ourselves from doing. Physical fitness

Mission/Purpose – an important task duty goal or calling that is interlaced with a strong conviction. Purpose the reason for which we exist. Given a reason I can sustain the journey no matter its length or difficulty to ensure I arrive at my desired destination.

Financial is not listed, however, improving yourself in the above areas, should translate to a healthier and more prudent relationship with money. We will leave this topic for another discussion as it is complex and requires more time to explore.

Remember the refuge of a sound mind can protect us from any foe, wrong, insult, or trauma. Given the recognition of these areas of development we now need to have an action plan to grow and develop in them. Growth and development should yield improvement that gains us more of what we seek in life.

Working on these daily will create a compounding effect that allows the you of tomorrow a better probability of success. They are also coping mechanism and can help you whether the storms of tomorrow.

Peace is reached by being active in what brings you joy and purpose and that develops your intellect, health and mission.DFL

The ultimate human endeavors is to find and retain happiness. Working on yourself so you can selflessly serve others brings great happiness. Happiness achieved can be gifted to others.

To have Happiness you must define it, seek it, express it, and share it. DFL

Thank you
Author of: Contemplative Growth and Development; Daily Reflective Growth;
Reflections To Success; Success Through Logical Thinking

Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources

Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources
Our government can learn a lot from the disciplined studies of leadership and finance. A small business has to be creative in its use of resources not discarding valuable ones but find a new use for them in a market shift. They have to have a protective posture to improve the relationship they have with those they serve.
Over the past few years our governments blind spot in these two areas has it eliminating valuable well trained personal and allowing an imposing responsibility on those they serve. The burden of a responsibility they should be addressing not ignoring or diverting.
Instead of paring down our military we should utilize those trained personnel, not discard them. They could be used to help the war on identity theft. Our citizens should not have to fight this form of terrorism on their own and our businesses should not be negatively impacted by this kind of theft. It has a negative impact on our countries financial infrastructure, which trickles down to all of us.
I have seen many good men and women who have sacrificed and committed themselves to the service of our great Nation be rewarded not by support and validation but only by being given a pink slip. When those in power are being short sighted in what to do with highly trained, interested, vested, loyal and devoted people people interested in old fashion but enduring values of God, Country, and Selflessness we have a critical lack of intellectual capital making these decisions. We don’t need to push our soldiers out or find busy work for them, we have serious work we can divert them toward.
Instead of forcing a heroic group out in an unheroic exit (present drawing downs are more like cold calculated unethical corporate downsizing) we ought rather be providing them the admiration and respect they deserve. In place of “eliminating these resources” let’s look at alternative utilizations that could help strengthen our communities, countries, and citizens.

“Identity theft is a serious crime where your personal information has been hijacked by an imposter who intends to commit fraud in your name. They obtain false lines of credit and rack up significant debt in your name. With a stolen identity, someone might hide behind your name in a legal matter, leaving you with a false criminal record. Identity fraud is a major problem, and it happens more often than you might think. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 2.7 million people had their identities stolen in 2014.” @TransUnion

The use of the word highjack and my use of the word terrorist are not overstated. This type of terrorism is chipping away at America’s foundational financial infrastructure. Our government’s answer, to put the onus and the responsibility back on its citizens and companies is unacceptable. This is criminal, we have the resources to address this problem and if we do it we will improve our Country’s financial stability as we battle against terrorism. Along with recruiting our military personnel we have to create laws that make this type of activity punishable to the extent it deserves – as acts of terrorism.

The problem is that politicians are only representing their own interest and the power and money is attracting the wrong people. We need those with innovative and critical thinking minds and morale virtue. This is not a difficult solution to come up with – reroute to get essential resources, instead of forcing out one of our most prized and invaluable participants in Liberty – Our American Soldiers. Directing them to a top priority in an area that is impacting millions of its tax paying citizens and businesses should be a top priority.
Please consider copying pasting and sending this to your representatives and those in the media who could support and advance this solution.
To those who are more accustom to my writing as a vehicle for personal improvement there are lessons within this that apply to your personal development and to your business. Don’t ignore Improving Fiduciary Infrastructure: Retaining and Retraining Essential Resources will keep any entity viable.

Dr. Frank Layman