Top 9 Principals to Successful Communication: Developing Sincere Relationships by Dr.FrankLayman

Top 9 Principals to Successful Communication: Developing Sincere Relationships Through Effective Communications by Dr.FrankLayman

Improving your communication skills will enable you to establish better working relationships with your peers, customers, and other in your realm of influence. Poor communication skills will have negative effects on business relationships and that will have a negative impact on results and/or productivity. These 9 principals to successful communication not only at work, but also in all your relationships.

Build strategic partners by first building sincere relationships. DFL

Essentially we need to think, do and behave in the way that builds sincere strong relationships. That is not an easy task but it is also why most environments be they work, home, school, or even church are dysfunctional. The more effective the communication the more successful any entity will be that leads to the opportunity for growth. Good leaders understand the importance of communication good positive respectful and effective communication. We have to continually grow and worked to improve in this area. My perspective is, we are all leaders- we at the least are the leader of “me”.

Leadership isn’t a position it is an action and in this case the action is communication. DFL

1. Mindfulness plays a larger role than usually considered in positive communication. Be mindful of the individual you are engaging and make sure you have modified your approach to be respectful and effective. Be in that moment with them as the great contribution to effective communication is listening and that takes a mindful approach. This isn’t saying we let the conversation go wherever it wants, time is a resource in business so we need to stay on task and mindfulness will help with that delicate balance.

2. Personal contact is important, we can spend too much time in two dimensional conversations which robs us of the experience of growing a relationship. Talking through a computer can be direct and cold. Talk with someone In person, people relate to one another better when they can meet in person and read each other’s body language, hear the intonations of their voice, sense their disposition.

3. Courtesy, Respect, and Sincerity one should not be found without the other and all are needed if our goal is to build a relationship with positive communication. Courtesy – demonstrating politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others; Respect- a deep admiration or liking for someone elicited by their qualities. Sincerity the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. To be these things we must adopt a transparent and honest approach to our communication. Many people rationalize deceit as strategy in business. It isn’t and often times will be revealed in time.

4. Strive for clarity (decrease ambiguity) in your approach. Clarity is not ease to obtain it means we have to understand the information so well we can chose a way to transfer it without corruption or loss of fluency. It can be articulated in a way that avoids creating frustration and/or communication interruptions. I love what the word Clarity what it represents which is best seen in its synonyms – brightness, transparency, purity, and accuracy.

5. Self awareness as a means to create inclusion. A person enters the room with a scowl how many move toward them, how many avoid them. it is no different in communication, we are setting an environment and that environment needs to be warm inclusive and kind.

6. Screen what you want to say and be prepared. Often we see a growing divide because the communicator is saying things that make others uncomfortable. Be engaging, keep it light, be professional and read your audience.

7. Listen with the intent to hear. Listening demonstrates respect and admiration. Let the conversation flow back and forth as you do the work to strive for understanding.

8. Grace and graciousness, strive to have an abundance of both. A conversation or any communication flows in both directions. If you don’t understand not only ask for further clarification but set the stage for it with appropriate and considerate questions. When attempting to clarify make sure you don’t keep beating the same drum but you attempt to use examples and to reexplain in a way that will be received. Too often our impatience to unload causes unclear or poorly understood information transfer and that leads to delays and errors.

9. Compliance to whatever was decided by the communication. Not neglecting or forgetting to carry out what it was that the conversation or communication was intended to do will demonstrates respect.

In business respect is demonstrated by responsiveness and actions. DFL

This is so much more complex than given credit and we all need to devote ourselves to developing it more.
I strongly advocate you include it into one of your pillars of daily development and work to apply the tenants in every area you want to succeed in.

I hope the best for all who are investing in their growth and development.



The Strength Within: The Confidence of Being A Contributing Individual by Dr.FrankLayman

The Strength Within: The Confidence of Being A Contributing Individual by Dr.FrankLayman

There are some who have abandoned their independence. They look for someone or something else to provide it for them. They wait and they wilt hoping someone will provide their happiness, success, and destiny. Some of us are abandoning our rugged individualism and it is weaking the individual. A weaker individual creates weaker communities and weaker communities destroy the fabric of great countries. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard a philosopher who advocated the strength of the individual as a part of the greater whole. He was widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher and his perspective is still relevant today. Existentialism emphasizes the primacy of individual existence and an accounting for the unqualified freedom to make of myself whatever we (I) will and the awesome responsibility of employing that freedom appropriately, without being driven to self destruction or harm of others. For to act in the value of the result of our individual anction/s. The value of our thoughts to positively impact and the anticipated value of the sum of the products of each possible outcome and the relative probability that it will occur. We must create a sense in ourself, an intelligible account of why something happens by our choosing. A scientific explanation of an event has the form and structure whose conclusion is the event to be explained and whose premises includes antecedent circumstances (something that came before and may have influence; over a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action) and at least one hypothesis (an educated and logical guess). Your thought, your participation in the complexity of understanding that leads to a possible action that creates an outcome requires your mindfulness, your participation in the process.
It is not in our circumstances alone that we chose an action, the power over our circumstances is the power we have over our mind and the direction we let it travel to make the choices that will improve our station or decline it. We need to be consciously aware, mindful of our thoughts speach and actions. There are those who will attempt to get to us, bait us into a reactive and caustic response. We can not allow circumstances or caustic people to limit us to change us. Circumstance need, to the best of our ability, to be thwarted by the strength of our resolve, our awareness, and our judgment. We aren’t just born with these things, but those who know success, know how to manipulate this in others or know how to control it in themselves and know how to resist it so not to be manipulated by others. By the path I forge and advocate to those who I develop it will be ethical, I am not interested in manipulation of others but control and performance in myself. I am interested in daily growth and development to achieve a higher state of understanding to gain wisdom and to help others grow and succeed. To allow others to see the power that resides in themselves to forge a positive result.

You can’t arrive at your destiny by letting someone else navigate. DFL

Yet we are not islands unto ourselves. Rather we are social and our systems of culture are designed to be traversed with the dependence of others, not in a vacuum. So we must have self reliance that also allows positive social connectedness. We have to develop these attributes as a part of our growth. Success and achievement here are not just of money, power, and resources they can be of education, philanthropy, etc…

No matter the circumstance if you have taken time to develop yourself you can combat the the negative and impress on the situation your positive. DFL

This takes learning and being a student of life and living. The dedication to develop in cognitive maturity a sense of self. To learn the power and impact you can have on your environment but the discipline to foucs it ont he good. A good that benefits others, a selfless mission.

Practice gratitude and altruism and you will find you are not just a player on the stage but a pillar. DFL

Develop your knowledge and understanding because this will allow you to be independent and not reliant on others. For the over trust and dependence on others diminishes your own individual impact. Grow yourself in cognitive maturity creating an internal mental state that is strong but flexible, forgiving but not foolish, aware but not obsessive, disciplined but not compulsive. Work to improve your physical state to retain your independence for as long as you can. The longer you are able to grow and develop and share that as a positive impact in the lives of others the longer you need to be looking for ways to sustain it. Generosity by legacy, by thinking, acting and being in the moment for ourselves and in a way that contributes to the greater good. To develop ourselves daily in interpersonal skills so as to have a network and also influence others to become more productive, positive and healthy. Development also requires Spiritual to find peace even when circumstances wont allow.

Inside all of us are untapped resources waiting to be harnessed. But they take work to develop, to draw out so that we move from recognizing these attributes to possessing them and then creating from them a better world.

A better world starts from within. Here are some of my affirmations, I hope they start you on a path that takes you where you want to go. The journey will take a multilevel approach to gain what you want but fuel the journey of self development with motivation.

Within me is a positive catalyst for change. DFL

I will commit myself daily to strive thoughtfully plan and position myself for success. DFL

Every great act is preceded by a positive thought and strong motivation. DFL

Thank you
I hope you enjoy my blogs and my Book Success Through Logical Thinking and from them gain in the areas you need to to achieve.



Seeking Results: The Doer Does by Dr.FrankLayman

Seeking Results: The Doer Does by Dr.FrankLayman
The last Blog I wrote I made a case for advancing in courage, please see -Courage Counts: Advancing Through The Triumph Of Trying. From that Blog I explored courage as a facet of leadership. Courage is a position of action and a sincere and gallant attempt at achievement.Anyone who poses good leadership will tell you courage is an intimate component.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one: it is the strength in the face of difficulty. DFL
Leadership is an action not a position. DFL
Leadership by its very nature requires action, action requires courage. Leadership and courage are actions done to achieve a positive result by overcoming fear and adversity. Focusing leadership and courage on the intention to act and achieve on the ambition to do. The doer does they don’t talk about it they motivate themselves they plan and prepare and then they muster and act, act in the face of fear. The fear here is one of many fears – fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of self doubt.

Fear is the most pervasive barrier for action.DFL

Essentially I am proposing – We need courage to lead and we need to suppress fear to act courageously.
In the blog I utilized the great work of Theodore Roosevelt to demonstrate my perspective:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

In this blog I am looking at the connectedness within his writing the line “who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly”
This line truly resonates with me and compelled me to look even further at the need to muster our courage and allow it to be a prevailing characteristic of leadership. The kind of leadership that strives for results and achievement. The importance in seeing the virtue of developing these components is not just to lead others effectively but to lead ourselves.

You can’t advance from a defensive posture.DFL

You can’t allow fear to stop your progress, you must muster the courage – and it takes courage to achieve. You can’t truly know achievement without sustained courage and that takes mental toughness and motivation. Motivation is a catalyst of achievement but will fade without true daily growth and development.
Thus the Secret to Achievement Momentum is daily development in the areas of Intellect, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Physical Health and Wellness, and Mission/Purpose.

Once we commit to daily self development in these key areas we then need to try, and with trying we will know failure – for despite failure, gallant effort will propel us and fear will never dissuade us.

Don’t allow obstacles to dissuade you only allow the possibilities to motivate you to achieve.DFL

There are a lot of dots to connect in this blog but it is worth the mental gymnastics, your future self is depending on it.
Seek results not acknowledgement and acclaim will follow and always remember the Doer Does.

Please see also Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BooksAMillion, or my web site to purchase my self help book
Success Through Logical Thinking
Contact me if your church group, department, corporation, business, or organization would like a speaker who is a Doer – An Author and National Speaker; Administrator and Clinician; VP of Business Development Tapout Fitness; Adjunct faculty instructing in Leadership and Professionalism; Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; MAJ in the USAR. A speaker who knows the adversity of humble beginnings and has overcome many adversities to develop a personal mission – To help those who want to make a positive change.

Thank you and to all the very best.




Courage Counts: Advancing Through The Triumph Of Trying. By Dr.FrankLayman

Courage Counts: Advancing Through The Triumph Of Trying. By Dr.FrankLayman

I believe we are all leaders, we may not all hold leadership positions but we all have the capability to learn and be better leaders. Leadership is the action of leading a group of people.

Leadership is an action not a position. DFL

Anyone who poses good leadership will tell you courage is an intimate component. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one: the strength in the face of difficulty.

Courage is what causes us to push on through the comfort of being still. DFL
Courage is important because it allows people to grow outside their comfort zone. Growth and development are a contribution of doing things that challenge you.
If you want to grow as a person you have to travel outside your comfort zone. DFL

Whether it is speaking to a group, presenting to peers, asking for something, offering something, selling something, negotiating, build something we have to have the courage to try.

To expand you universe you must develop the courage to try. DFL

Leadership by its very nature requires action, action requires courage. Fear is the most pervasive barrier for action, especially where groups are concerned. Getting before a group it is human nature you will be critiqued, you may be ignored or not accepted. To insulate yourself in self confidence and no longer adhere to the slings and arrows of those who are base in understanding and low in cognitive maturity takes courage.
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt
I am a firm believer in daily self development and actively recommend leadership develop be incorporated into your routine. There is a compelling case to invest in this part of your growth. There are many benefits you can gain form adding one of the most beneficial attributes to your dedicated self development routine.

One person with the courage to act, becomes a catalyst for motivating others. DFL

Courage is regarded as an admirable personal trait, providing benefits for others, personally, socially and professionally. Courage is one of the most valued and admired traits among business leaders and is sought in those slated for promotion or progression. Not being in an organization but being an autonomous entrepreneur takes an even higher level of leadership and courage. Courage enhances leadership by improving the experiences you can have.
Understanding and experience lead to confidence and confidence provides the benefit of acting over over analyzing (paralysis by analysis).

Most will never discover that the final dynamic of achieving is the courage to act. DFL

The courage to step outside myself has lead me to grow and develop. DFL
You advance through the triumph of trying. DFL

I hope your daily self development is going well and that you are seeing results. I offer my services to anyone who wants the opportunity to advance further and faster.

Author Success Through Logical Thinking


Diplomacy: 8 Keys To Realize Positive Influence by Dr.FrankLayman

Diplomacy: 8 Keys To Realize Positive Influence
To be diplomatic means to positively influence by evaluating a situation before jumping to a conclusion, speaking or acting. By doing so we improve our probability of taking the best possible course of action without being brash, bold and/or condescending. It requires sound critical thinking and judgment, grace, poise, subtlety, and knowing how and what to say to be diplomatic. It requires sincerity and cognitive maturity. While diplomacy can be difficult in certain situations, especially in those that are emotionally charged, there are a few things to remember that can make it easier.

1. Slow down the tempo, breath, relax, focus and think
There is so much chaos in some situations we can get blinded by it. We can’t let that ourselves be negatively influenced, we have to control our mind. We need to learn to relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how we can make things work rather than letting the momentum of negative emotions overwhelm us. DFL

2. Review the facts and check them
The facts will speak for themselves. Ralph Chaplin

3. Plan what you are going to say and how you are going to say it as to influence the outcome positively
Well conceived thoughts spoken responsibly can create cooperation and avoid discord. DFL

4. Adopt a none confrontational tone, demeanor and posture
Your body language and facial expression speak before you and at times in contradiction of you. DFL

5. Don’t get side tracked or baited
He who angers you conquers you. Elizabeth Kenny

6. Return to the facts
Seek truth from objective fact finding to come to a fair assessment. DFL
7. Stay calm and confident
Keep your mind clear yet alert, remain calm and confident and always in command of yourself. By doing so, you will then find greater effectiveness in your diplomacy.

We are not defined merely by what we do, but what we constrain ourselves from doing. – Dr Frank Layman

8. Keep in mind the value of the relationship and what is at stake but not in a way to deter your convictions but to monitor your impact.
By focusing on all that is important we retain what is of value while influencing a purge of what is caustic. DFL

I see it all the time, the poorer the diplomacy employed by leaders and team members the less effective and the more disruptive the culture. If more leaders where more contentious about being diplomatic they would be more successful in not only the retention of talent but the advancement of peak performance in them.
Everyone no matter the environment or position they hold should strive to be diplomatic.
Diplomacy is not waffling but influencing from a position of rational thoughts and behavior.
I speak from a perspective based off my book , entrepreneur experiences, administrative position and Military service. I often say if we accept that we are all leaders then being more effective as a leader can realize a positive impact in any setting we cohabit-work,school,home,church,etc… Diplomacy can help our effectiveness in any environment or situation.

The purer your Leadership is of sincerity transparency and truth the purer it will be received and responded to. DrFrankLayman

The purer your Leadership is of sincerity transparency and truth the purer it will be received and responded to. DrFrankLayman

Use not diplomacy to get your way for by the very definition we have set here, it is to influence the path of truth with the least amount of harm and the greatest amount of positive impact.

I encourage all to continue your daily self development. There are not limits on your growth, your effectiveness, and your success – unless you stop working to improve them.
See also my other blogs and book. Keep a watch for other writings coming soon and should you not want to wait consider contacting me about setting up unique and individualized speaking engagement.


Maximizing Your Effectiveness: A Look at the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle on Success

Maximizing Your Effectiveness:
A Look at the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle on Success

Health and Wellness begins when positive mental movements translate to positive physical movements. DFL

Everyone wants to buy an advantage but some advantages can’t be bought they are only gained through planning, sacrifice and hard work. Health and wellness is one of those types of advantages. It is worked for to be gained not purchased.
There isn’t a complex unreachable formula to achieve it.
There is sacrifice and small regular daily thoughts and actions that are needed to see it through.
I see it as I see so many other relevant changes, it requires the correct mindset, approach and motivation – essentially for many it is a paradigm shift, for others it is a refinement in a direction they have already acknowledge they need to be traveling down.
There are those who make dramatic shifts only to regress.
The motivation driving us and our willingness to truly change, those are the determining factors to long-term success.
A healthy lifestyle first needs to be acknowledged as the ideal state.
The goal, and no getting ready for summer is not enough, needs to have the trajectory of longevity. The approach has to be based on a logical approach, stay away from emotional unsupported approaches like starvation diets, which cause a yoyo effect and are not sustainable.
Fad diets also fall in this category and demand you do better now that you know better.
Accelerated unplanned and poorly executed exercise regimens leads us away from being better and healthier. Poor sleeping habits ultimately lead to health compromises. Not coping with stress can accelerate infirmity.
In all of us there exists strong instinct for self-realization.
Advancing ourselves to a greater and greater height is a built in desire. It gets diluted with disappointment or entitlement but it is always there.
It is present in all of us that will desire to be better to grow and develop.
The best place to start is a healthy lifestyle and this requires balance.
Health and wellness isn’t being an ideal height or weight it is more complicated and demands the respect of its complexity to achieve.
There are foundational pillars that need to be built and maintained they require our daily attention.
Please see my blog – The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum – for more information on foundational pillars

We work toward self-realization to maximize our performance. Performance used here means in any positive area in our life, work, relationships and all other things worth participating in.
The areas worth concentrating on are worth being defined by you, then being sought relentlessly daily and with an effective approach.
Deficiencies are recognized and worked on with the intent to improve them and convert them to strengths.
It isn’t glamorous, but it is effective and not just in the short term.
What is your readiness to change grade it on a scale of 10.
What is your self realization grade it on a scale of 0-10
What are your deficiencies list them out, writ them down put them in a place you can review them daily, and when you have captured one cross it off the list.
Now let’s get to work to make a positive sustained change that will maximize your thinking, being, and acting. We will not rest in our success but use it to create more success in all the areas of our life worthy of expending.
We are highly tuned pieces of equipment and must be maintained, tweaked and updated daily or we are already behind, already outdated.
It doesn’t have to be laborious, it can be fun; it doesn’t have to be rigid, it can be creative
It doesn’t have to be boring, it can be exciting and that is dependent on your mindset.
It’s time, commit yourself and hold yourself accountable to make better choices, swap out bad choices for good ones, and constrain yourself from self destructive thinking and behaving.

Be aggressive about seeking positive change by submerging yourself in it and from it you will find more than conventional success. Consider going to my website to read my blogs and order my book – Success Through Logical Thinking. The blogs and book have practical application to help those willing to make a positive change.

Dr. Frank Layman

To keep the body and mind in good health is our responsibility to ourselves and our legacy to others. Dr.FrankLayman


Influential Motivational Writers: Motivation Matters


Influential Motivational Writers: Motivation Matters
I was consulting for a company and afterward some of the people in attendance came up to talk with me. One ambitious entrepreneur engaged me about my book and speaking and wanted to know who influenced me.
I thought it was such a good question, but one I wasn’t prepared to answer at the time.
I asked him to check into my web site for an upcoming Blog about his thoughtful and relevant question.
From that conversation I was motivated to seek out some of the most influential writers of motivation and self-development that influenced me and I would like to share them.
I know these sorts of questions, source and evolution questions I have coined them, lead to assimilation and greater understanding for the seeker. Asking questions is a great growth tool as the one asking and the one answering both gain from the effort.
I was glad to work on this thoughtful question, it challenged me and it advances my mission my mission is to grow and develop those willing to make a positive change but also in it is a way I can reflect, self examine, and explore my own origins.
That is so often how selflessness works, we do something to help another and wind up advancing ourselves.
It can be any measure of benefit, but the intent is important as self gain is not the intent so don’t seek it, be authentic and sincere and let your action be executed with selflessness and just be confident it will manifest good for you, as well as, those you are attempting to help.
Who is the most impactful motivational speaker, to me?

Zig Ziglar 

Zig Ziglar was born in Alabama. He was the tenth of twelve children, when he was five years old, his father took a new position in Mississippi, and his family moved to Yazoo City. The next year, his father died, and his younger sister died two days later. He served in the US NAVY. He was definitely organically grown to his success, which attracted me to what he was saying. I had the opportunity to see Zig Ziglar speak to talk with him to ask questions and he patiently and selflessly answered them in a kind sincere and helpful way. I would have to debate this and would assess the quote is true of Ziglar himself but hat is who he was selfless and that appeals to me that he was humble and grateful. I also related to him because his success was organic and built on years of hard work disappointments hardship and struggle. He was one of us (the average person) not an elitist or entitled person not someone who is successful and has always been successful and now wants to impart to us poor souls who were born of humble beginnings have no role models or positive influence flounder and work to gain in the areas worthy of gaining. They are opportunists who see us as ripe for the picking. They view those who seek them as just another revenue stream to tap into.

I lived a life of work toil and sacrifice; I didn’t want to be lectured to but advanced. I wanted to know how someone went from 0-60 not 50-60 (reference to automobile performance)
Starting with nothing, like I did, how did someone come from nothing and grow and elevate to a successful level and then be willing to share that with others. I think it is a need because I feel it; it is likened escaping from a burning building then going back in to help others out. Poverty is the worst sentence, imprisonment, and punishment known to man. You’re a participant and a spectator in life watching others as you run a race that some get two or three laps handicaps. I was never discouraged but I knew I wanted more for myself I would think about Amelia Earhart quote: Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.”
Pick up a shovel, but what if like me, you don’t have the plan or approach to use the shovel? That is where seeking out the right mentors can help, seeking out others willing to take a chance on you if that is available but what if, like me, it wasn’t available? That is where I turned to another source, I went to what I knew, and I read about it. I could have in my presence a foremost expert, so for me seeking out motivational and business writers was a great start and something I still do as a part of my strategy. Advancing allows other opportunities to open up, so I confer on a regular basis with CEOs, small business owners, academicians, coaches and other influential people but that isn’t where I could start early in my life when I had little to no resources or networks.
When I was looking at whom I wanted to learn from I chose those who I could relate to who knew my humble beginnings. I wanted someone who had climbed the same ladder started out on the same rung and made it to the top to turn around and reach down to provide me guidance and a hand to see me to my destination. Not someone who has never climbed the ladder but has only known what it is like to be on top.

My inspiration comes from artist, athletes, scholars, entrepreneurs, but I favor/ed those who are truly self developed, those who were born to one world and through hard work perseverance, skill accusation, and performance transported themselves to a new world. They teleport themselves to a new level and then returned to see if they could help others make the journey. There intention, their heart was important for me – that they were doing it to be a help, to be a blessing, that it is was their mission, mattered to me. They did/do it because their heart is full and they have a need to share all they have learned to help others. Their mission had to be sincere, their motives selfless, and then also their results had to be effective. It had to be effective as what good does it do to invest in self-improvement that isn’t successful. It might give a sense of accomplishment that brings joy but when it is said and done if there isn’t a tangible result that is gained the effectiveness is limited. We have to look at our time as a resource, the most valuable resource. There are times I revel and do things, read thing, write for sheer joy and that is okay if that is our understanding from the outset, but if we are in need we don’t have the luxury to dabble we need help and we need results.
But in the way of self growth and development there needs to be more than a warm and fuzzy feeling, there needs to be a plan that emerges a sequence of actions that will transport us to our future best outcomes.
In my book Success Through Logical Thinking I was motivated at attempting to give not only motivation and encouragement but to share tangible effective and strategic tools. I wanted and needed that when I was seeking it in others and strive to provide it in those who have sought me out.
I searched for it in Peale, Wooden (Navy) and Nightingale (Marine) and they spoke to me when no one else would through their words, plans, books, example and actions and it propelled me and has motivated me.

Norman Vicente Peale

Peale was a minister and believed in t and wrote about The Power of Positive Thinking. His former partner Smiley Blanton, a psychoanalyst, betrayed him early in his career. They established a religio-psychiatric outpatient clinic next door to the church. They wrote a book together which received a great deal of criticism and Smiley backed away from the work and his friend. Today we all know Norman Vincent Peale and no one knows Smiley, I attribute it to the cost of his disloyalty. Peale was very critical of some of the Presidential candidates of his time and probably would be viewed as a proud today, but his work speaks to me. He has a lot of critics but a great deal of mass appeal because he wasn’t entitled he was hard working and lived a modest life someone who could relate to everyone. He knew first hands the struggles of others and wrote about them and ways to overcome them. His work also has practical application and most would argue is effective.

We tend to get what we expect. Norman Vincent Peale

John Wooden

Wooden grew up in a deprived area excelled in basketball himself through high school and college then went into the Navy. Then he found his calling in coaching and demonstrated that morale and motivation matter they don’t replace hard work and planning but they are integral components to succeed. On July 23, 2003, John Wooden received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. From his humble beginnings to his methodical unlocking of potential in those in his charge he won’t strike you as a typical leader but his words are so powerful and inspiring as well as was his presence that for me those are quintessential leadership qualities and worthy of recognizing and emulating.

Never mistake activity for achievement. John Wooden

Earl Nightingale

Nightingale was a radio personality, writer, respected speaker and author, dealing mostly on the subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence and meaningful existence; so named as the “Dean of Personal Development. He came from humble beginnings; Nightingale was born in LA 1921. His father abandoned his mother in 1933. After his father left, his mother moved the family to a tent in Tent City. After the war, Nightingale began work in the radio industry, which eventually led to work as a motivational speaker. In the fall of 1949, He was inspired while reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. From the book he came to realize that we become what we think. He faced his struggles, grew his achievements, and devoted himself to others.

We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. Earl Nightingale

There are so many others whose work has helped so many in this area. When you are looking for someone to read, ensure they aren’t just advancing their own interests and that they relate to you in a meaningful way. The commonality of those I gravitated toward were men of Christian Faith, self-made, coming from below humble means and were servicemen. Wooden served in the Navy, Nightingale the Marines and I serve in the Army. I sought and seek those who started with nothing but struggles and know the sacrifice of serving their country, but it is not exclusionary. In my own journey I have broadened my interests into mindfulness, exposing me to a great diversity in thinking. I will not isolate myself by faith, gender, religion, or SES, as I know I can learn and teach all.

In the beginning I wanted to and found those I related to and respected and they started the expanse of my gravitation to serve others by devoting myself to helping others achieve their goals. Which has grown and lead me to great thinkers from all backgrounds. There is something in the training, sacrifice, dedication, and development of others that comes from military training. It is likened to organic verse inherited wealth power and success. These are those that are the everyday man, the man who pulled himself up and made a success of himself, then reached back down to help others out. In essence that is how my own biography reads and that is my sincere heart and mission.

These men not only developed themselves but also devoted their life to the growth and development of others. I like the way Ziglar said it of Nightingale – Earl Nightingale has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet. Zig Ziglar I would say it is true of many others who have advanced and bettered others with theirs words, books, examples, and approaches. For proof lets look what Napoleon Hill did for Earl Nightingale.
Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Napoleon Hill

They’re work is timeless and has meaning to what you and I are going through our own lives today. We can use those insights and motivation to grow and propel ourselves. I would encourage you to explore and find your own motivators.
Motivation matters to launch you to achievement and fortune it also helps you in sustainability. After reaching the best future you can, you still have to press on, because there is no finish line in life. The work is never completed, because you should always be thinking, working, and striving to evolve.

Please see my work Success Through Logical Thinking and my web site for my blog which shares my work and attempts to reach out to others who want to transport themselves.

if you want to grow as a person, you have to travel                                                       outside your comfort zone. Dr. Frank Layman

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Preparing to See Your Resolution Become Reality: Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development.

Preparing to See Your Resolution Become Reality: Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development.

The old year is ending a new one begins, what will you do to prepare for the best possible beginning and advancement of self?
To improve your chance of success I want you to commitment to self development, starting now. So many people who come to me for help whether it be in the realm of performance coaching, business consulting, Industrial Health and Wellness or personal improvement start the conversation the same way – I will start when the holidays are all over or when this busy and stressful time has passed. That is a very telling statement, it tells me they aren’t committed to a healthy lifestyle change, but seek a remedy, a magic bullet. I hate to be the person who pulls the façade down, peeks behind the curtain, but that isn’t how sustain growth and development works. Let’s start with an exercise that begins with a question – on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the most committed, rate your readiness to change. If you scored yourself above a 6 we can talk, otherwise I advise further self reflection. I would advise keeping your environment positive by talking with people who are where you want to be. Your task is more conversational and observational. You can also keep a daily journal of things you want to change and these later on can be converted to goals.
Those of you who scored above a 6 on my global readiness to change, let’s focus on preemptive steps, such as, your new year resolutions (the mental state of being resolved or firm in purpose) that will then translate to your goals then your action plans. If you are thinking about applying this to your company, this is essentially strategic planning. Some pointers I would provide, keep it simple and consider aligning them with the pillars I have spoken about in another of my Blogs, The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum – as a review they are Intellect, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Physical Health and Wellness, Mission/Purpose. Remember self-development in these areas will help us cope and help us advance in our lives’ not just our business or carrier.
Now let’s discuss our four points to approach the new you. Our template to define what we are going to commit to to see a better life in the New Year and beyond. The ripple effect is true and impactful – small changes applied to your thinking and reflecting in your being will reach out and impact other areas of your life in a meaningful and successful way.

Four Points to Better Your Approach to Self-Development:
1) Assess your readiness to change and your readiness to commit to what it will take to change.(This is a scale 0-10, 10 is the highest)
2) State your resolutions then convert them to goals and then attach an action plan to them (A goal is an overarching principle that guides decision making. Action plans are specific, measurable steps that can be taken to meet the goal). Remember from my Book Success Through Logical Thinking I discuss component tasks, that is what you have to drill down to to have the comprehensive steps to change in the areas you have resolved to change in.
3) Find someone who sincerely wants you to succeed and confide, not burden, confide in them your resolution goals and action plan. Write them down out them in your wallet and review them daily. When you feel your irrational self is compromising your commitment you need someone to help you with the morale battle.
4) Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by not exposing yourself to people places or situations that will compromise your resolve – Motivation matters and has to be sustained to see your self-development take hold and be sustains.

Start today and employ some of these techniques and so you can alter your mindset to a more positive environment. Toxic environments kill or said another way they don’t contribute to growth and development.

Let your mind go of the things weighing you down and allow it to gather to it, all the things that will elevate you. DFL

Dr. Frank Layman




The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum

The Importance of Self-Development: The Secret to Achievement Momentum

I don’t want to achieve in the realm of the ordinary or solely for myself, I want to achieve in the realm of the extraordinary and in a way that improves the lives of others. I don’t want to achieve at the things unworthy of achieving, but at those things that matter and contribute to the betterment of others and myself. I want to achieve because I have the insight of its impact and understand its scope of influence to and for others. Achievement leads to greater and more achievement, it leads to opportunity to achieving more. Achievement momentum can and does occur, it is the result of a compounding effect that grows, builds, and expands in proportion to our deliberate thought and effort. While I know and seek achievement, I also want balance and I don’t want to become a slave to the thrill of achieving. When balance is reached and a healthy mindset is accomplished there is not much that can stop you. A mind at peace centering its force on goodness, kindness, and love has no match.

When our mindset is positive, the resistance needed to overcome and to achieve is not draining but energizing. Overcoming resistance and gaining in opportunity, resources, or influence can extend our sphere of positive influence and actions and it all starts with a commitment to positive self-development. It isn’t enough to just want or desire to be more; we must take positive actions to see it fulfilled. There is no arguing about the importance of self-development, but few understand it’s true impact unless they have experienced it and most don’t appreciate how it can foster happiness. I have been on an epic pilgrimage to find and sustain greater happiness and meaning in my life. I can say confidently from all I have learned happiness is not just in wealth, position, or influence and yet that is where we generally seek it first. Happiness has moments in any of those things, but that is not where it is found and sustained. It was when I experienced some life alerting hardships, those that shake you to your core, that I started to look within and self-examine its existence and found where it truly resides. Hardship hardens some, for me and those I coach; hardship should harden your resolve – never your heart. When you are hit hard enough and survive it is a humbling experience, but it is also a defining moment of overcoming. Surviving allows a realization you will come to of self confidence in your resilience, on the other side of the storm growth it is out of those experience we can become wiser and stronger. Understanding the dynamics and fluctuations of life, we can both prepare to be more happy as we prepare to overcome hardship or change. We need to learn to stand sturdy against the storms and we do that when we fortify the pillars that are our foundational structure. These foundational pillars, I discovered were the same as our coping mechanisms and the same as those attributes that improve our ability to achieve and be happy. I realized that building the fortress of our minds ensures the pillars are strong enough to weather any adversity and to see us through the difficulties that lead us to consistency in performance and thus achievement. Many who confront hardship retreat to the comfort of their own company, they become too introspective.
We don’t want to retreat and build walls during hard times or frustrating conditions, walls confine us. Yes, the defensive protection of a wall allows the greatest protection of threat of harm, but they deprive us the greatest joy of connecting – think more in terms of the foundational elements of your health and wellbeing and how by being the consummate gardener of your mind your will tend to improve the stability and quality of your thoughts and actions. It takes commitment every day to develop and grow in strengthening these areas; it takes distraction and neglect to diminish from them. Look to constantly advance your position in these key foundational pillars, as the best way to improve in your self-development. Let’s consider my perspective is valid and coping mechanisms are self-development facets and are the building pillars of a well adjust successful and happy person, then we need to commitment to development in these following areas: Intellect, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Leadership, Entrepreneurship,
Expertise, Physical Health and Wellness, Mission/Purpose.
Self-development in these areas will help us cope and help us advance:
Let’s look at each closer and see how we can improve them in ourselves:

Intellect- pursuing things of more complex forms and fields of knowledge. Engage your mind, not being passive and accepting of the information streaming at you. You need to plan and pursue those things that are meaningful and will get you where you want to be in your life and that takes seeking, studying and referencing for understanding and assimilation.

Emotional – a state of consciousness based on feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like that circumvents rational thinking. Think of those difficult people you have encountered, the ones who have difficulty adjusting, who act out and how it influences their relationships. There are ways to improve your emotional intelligence and I urge you to seek them out. It is a topic I have written about and been invited to speak about to some significant companies. Its impact is well documented and it is relevant to individuals, teams and companies.

Spiritual – of or relating to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature. I am a Christian but I am not just speaking to Christian spirituality here. It is the peace found in faith and belief of that which is ethereal. Think about the person who overcomes hardship and with grace and confidence meets adversity knowing they will overcome and therefore they have peace during all of life’s upheavals.

Social – seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious and one who is sought by others for those characteristics. Watch and observe actively seek ways to improve your ability to engage people in a meaningful way and sustain their relationships.

Leadership – the ability to guiding directing developing and influencing others. If everything is sales everything else is leadership when considering the vestige of success.

Entrepreneurship – being industrious enough to organize and manage any enterprise with skill usually with considerable initiative and risk. If you build a life take the initiative to build your own not someone else’s.

Expertise – the matter that is subject to some action and is performed with above average skill. Whatever your vocation or that which you want to be your vocation must be overcome by judicious study and deliberate exposure to gain insight and experience. Work to be the best at your craft by mindful study and acquisition of experience.

Health and Wellness – the progressive and unceasing pursuit of an improved state of internal being. This is comprehensive to physical and mental health. Fitness due to is powerful influence over health and wellness is a strong subset of this category. Nutrition and proper supplementation cannot be separated due to the strong physiological influences it has. It is not only about what we do to improve in this area but what we constrain ourselves from doing.

Mission/Purpose – an important task duty goal or calling that is interlaced with a strong conviction. Purpose the reason for which we exist. Given a reason I can sustain the journey no matter its length or difficulty to ensure I arrive at my desired destination.

Financial is not listed, however, improving yourself in the above areas, should translate to a healthier and more prudent relationship with money. We will leave this topic for another discussion as it is complex and requires more time to explore.

Remember the refuge of a sound mind can protect us from any foe, wrong, insult, or trauma. Given the recognition of these areas of development we now need to have an action plan to grow and develop in them. Growth and development should yield improvement that gains us more of what we seek in life.

This appears daunting; it is too much to do every day some will think. I know it isn’t, once you commit and plan your day around it you can and will make significant gains that can change the trajectory of your life. We are all busy, but we all have the same time in a day – I do it and if I can and those I coach can, so can you. You will do what you want to do and the more you do and the higher you climb the more resistance you will face, so your will to persevere and overcome will determine your ultimate triumphs and destination.

Consider reading my book Success Through Logical Thinking for more insight and practical approaches for your self-development.

I hope you find all that you seek. Thank you

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The state of your thinking is reflected in your being. DFL

The Ds of Success

Would you want your house built without blueprints? Would you want to lead a meeting without an agenda? How about travel to an unknown destination without directions? Here is a glimpse of a recommended outline for success. When I approach my recommendations I do not do it lightly. I want for my readers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. My intentions are sincere and my hope authentic. Start with Ds of Success:


First and foremost we need to decide in what area we want to succeed in. You have to first decide what your success is going to look like. A planned trip is not successful unless you reach your destination. Once you have decided on the areas you want to be successful in the next step is planning. Planning requires research our efforts in this area can always be more focused – which can improve the probability of success.


Define the goals that make up your area of success – sharpen you pencil be precise. Work backwards from the finish line so you can outline all the steps required to go from where you are to where you want to be.


Determine the best approach to reaching your goal. The more direct the better. Time is a limited resource so the quickest route between two points is a straight line. I enjoy flying for its directness. When I engage a goal, I look to the most direct route to achieve it. I do my homework, I check with others who have achieved it and I objectively look for the quickest route.


Once you have determined what success means; defined the goals that truly capture what success is for you – do not waver in your pursuit. Engage, be mindful and build your determination.


Success for some is a sprint. Rational thinkers are not jealous so that is great for some, however, for most success is a marathon. In our pursuit of success we must be durable. We need to know how to be durable, depending on the goal that is going to look different but from experience I will say most share health and wellness.

Due Diligence

Be a life long learner continually striving to improve. Keep drilling down until you have your answers, develop your approach, and reach your destination. Please consider using STLT Success Through Logical Thinking as part of your due diligence.

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